Abfüllung, Etikettierung, Verpackung
      Bottling, labeling, packaging      

Welcome to ATB! Anlagentechnik Bayern GmbH

Our new location
In June 2024, our company headquarters will move to the Wörth-Wiesent industrial estate, Gewerbepark D1 · D-93086 Wörth a. d. Donau.
2500m² of space and 700m² production hall offers enough space for mechanical engineering, producing of machine parts and new tasks.

With 3 decades of experience in filling and labeling of bottles, cups, cans, cosmetics etc. in all different capacities, with wet, self-adhesive and wrap around labeling, we offer spare- and change parts, service and maintenance, experience and know-how for your support and advice.

Inline working labeling machine

Inline working labeling machine for small capacities up to 6.000bph (100bpm)

The ideal machine for small capacities to label cylindrical vessels with diameter from 30mm to 120mm. Different diameters are easy to adjust via movable railings and adjustable roll on belt, without changing format parts. 

  • Storage for different vessel types via HMI
  • Wrap around or partial labeling
  • Machine completely made of aluminum and stainless steel
  • Label roll diameter up to 400mm
  • Label heights up to 240mm
  • Date printing devices can be directly integrated on label dispenser

ATB - Anlagentechnik Bayern GmbH

Optimized parts and devices for rotary labeling machines

For example:

  • Spring loaded pallet holders for a perfect glue print
  • Glue funnel for easy portioning of small quantities
  • Glue tray with shaft, covering the complete glue roller
  • Label control system to install in existing labeling machine
  • Various peripheral devices, such as dating devices, label dispensers, etc.
  • Optimized wear parts

ATB - Anlagentechnik Bayern GmbH

Further optimized products and solutions you can find here!


Other services:
Maintenance and repairs of existing labeling systems, production of new format and spare parts, Interface configuration and optimization of existing filling lines, support and advice on buying new machines, support on changing label shapes or  equipment, sale of overhauled machines, brokerage of new machines, factory and side acceptance tests, retrofitting of peripheral devices (e.g. dating, self-adhesive dispenser, etc.)