Abfüllung, Etikettierung, Verpackung
      Bottling, labeling, packaging      

Anlagentechnik Bayern GmbH,
Optimized Accessories for wet glue labeling machines

New developed - spring loaded bracket for glue pallets

Flexible and easy to adjust

Flexible and easy to adjust

For Constant and perfect glue print without recurring adjustment work

Application: For wet glue labeling machines with oscillating or rotating pallet shafts

Advantages: Optimized glue pattern on minimized glue consumption; Minimized glue contamination and reduced cleaning work; Glue roller is not pushed against the glue knife; Label displacements reduced in label magazine; Bearings and seals, glue pallets, glue roller bearings and glue knifes last significantly longer

Video with recognizable difference between rigidly bolted and spring-loaded pallet holders.

On this machine, the top label pallet holders were fitted with our patented spring-loaded system. The difference is clearly visible. While the rigidly screwed glue pallets (bottom pallets) are pulling glue fibers on it's full surface, the top pallets are running smoothly on the spring-loaded holders with perfect print on glue roller and without pulling any glue fibers.

Youtube playlist with some more videos to our spring loaded palett holders

Glue funnel for portioning of glue for small production outputs

Portion your daily requirement

Portion your daily requirement

Capacity up to 6 liters of glue

Application: For wet glue labeling machines with piston pumps

Advantages: The required amount of glue can be filled into the closed glue funnel; Due to the small diameter of the pump sump, only approx. 400g of glue remain in the funnel when portioned correctly; The adhesive strength of the labeling glue keeps it's strength; No water or dust in the glue and the glue keeps it's consistency.

Glue tray with shaft, covering the complete glue roller

Glue tray for perfect back flow of glue

Glue tray for perfect back flow of glue

For a clean aggregate on end of production without adhesive running all over the unit.

To fit with: Gernep labeling machines with standard Gernep labeling aggregates.

Replaces the black plastic glue tray

Advantages: The glue tray covers the entire bottom area of the glue roller; The shaft cover prevents glue from running down the roller unit; The unit stays clean even when the glue finger on glue knife is worn; No glue behind the glue roller bearing unit; Due to the bigger diameter of the glue hose the glue tray does not overflow.

Label control system to install in existing labeling machine

Self-sufficient label control system

Self-sufficient label control system

Easy to retrofit, checks presence or content of applied label.

Application: Can be retrofitted to rotary labeling machines.

Label recognition: Via optical photo sensors or image sensors

Installation: Creates it's own pulse signals and works self-sufficient to the machine controls. Therefore also detects label faults if bottle was not recognized by the labeling machine.

Advantages: Can also be retrofitted to machines without PLC; Does not require pulse signals from the labeling machine; Number of missing labels to machine stop adjustable; User-friendly

Bottle reject system - easy to install on bottle conveyor

Compact and small bottle reject system

Compact and small bottle reject system

Easy to install directly on bottle conveyor

Application: For production capacity up to 14.000 bph

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